This Week in AEM… Building a Digital Foundation using the Adobe Experience Cloud

Hooray, the Adobe Marketing Cloud has now become the Adobe Experience Cloud! But in reality not that much actually changed. And so the question remains, how does everything fit together? Adobe has long been saying that their systems seamlessly integrate with each other and because of this, they can help marketers create beautiful experiences that reach the right people that need to see it. What has often been lacking is the method to accomplish such an outcome. How do the Solutions actually fit together? How do you make them all work together? Well, Adobe has provided some direction to help sort through it all with one of their HelpX pages title: “Build a Digital Foundation using the Adobe Experience Cloud”. Their guide is divided into 5 steps that will help you “implement a digital marketing platform with analytics, optimization, and campaign management”.

Obviously, not every organization owns every Adobe Experience Cloud Solution. But understanding how they can work together will make you a stronger Developer/Architect in your practice.