AEM Podcast: A Summit Interview with Dan Klco about AEM DataLayer

One of the new things this year at Adobe Summit 2017, was a session entitled “AEM Rockstar, The Top Tips are Here”. While they have done Rockstar sessions before, it has never been done with Adobe Experience Manager. The premise was that developers submit their “digital experience tips, tricks, and project strategies” and then a panel of Adobe dignitaries choose winners from the top 5 finalists. All the participant finalists were great. In this recorded interview, we are joined by Dan Klco from Perficient who talks about his first place prize showcasing a new open source library, AEM DataLayer. In the recording, he mentions his GitHub repo, where you can go to see his code. Those who have been working in AEM for a long time will probably recognize Dan’s name as he used to be a prolific writer on the 6D Labs blog, he now contributes at, and has been a part of the AEM development community for quite a while, including serving as the Apache PMC for Sling. Take a listen.

Here is a link to watch the AEM Rockstar presentation.