AEM Podcast: An AEM Interview with Cedric Huesler, Part 1

At Adobe Summit 2017, I attended the “Adobe Experience Manager Sites: Top 10 Innovations” session which was co-hosted by Cedric Huesler, Director Product Management for Digital Experience Management at Adobe. I always attend this particular session because here we get sort of our first look at what the latest version of AEM is going to be. After the presentation, I decided this was the year that I would try to pin Cedric down for an interview. I knew it was a long shot. After introducing myself and requesting some time, Cedric very graciously said he would try to stop by the booth but he had a lot of duties and might not have free time. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t disappointed. I knew that meant I wasn’t getting my interview.

Imagine my surprise this summer when I got an email from Cedric saying that he would be open to doing an interview with us. And even more exciting was the format that he suggested: Ask Me Anything. Myself, Joey, and Ken Woodward (one of our Directors of Software Engineering) got to work outlining a list of questions. Because the length of the recording was so long, we have decided to break it up into three sections. Here are the topics that we discussed in this podcast:

  • Cedric Huesler background
  • Improving Replication
  • The Rich Text Editor

Our many thanks to Cedric for taking the time to do this interview.