AEM Podcast: Adobe Summit Interview with Justin Edelson about Core Components

One of our last interviews at Adobe Summit 2017 was with our friend Justin Edelson (current Team Lead, Engineering Response Team at Adobe). He took some time to discuss a couple of topics with Joey and I. This is part 1 of that conversation. This week’s podcast will focus on Core Components. This is Adobe’s new method for handling the default set of components that come with Adobe Experience Manager. At Summit Justin also led a lab discussing how to work with the new Core Components. While the lab was not recorded, for obvious reasons, the booklet that was used in it is available for download here(Adobe Summit 2017 Core Components lab booklet). Join us for a discussion with one of the leading Adobe development minds behind Adobe Experience Manager as we talk about AEM’s Core Components and how they went about their methods and reasoning for setting it up the way they have. Part of the discussion was also the demise of the Classic UI, because these Core Components are only for the Touch UI. At the time it was not known what would happen, but as I have written about before in my article “Bye Bye Classic UI”, we have a better idea of its end of life. Take a listen!