AEM Podcast: Adobe Summit Interview with Justin Edelson about ACS AEM Commons

One of our last interviews at Adobe Summit 2017 was with our friend Justin Edelson (current Team Lead, Engineering Response Team at Adobe). He took some time to discuss a couple of topics with Joey and I. This is part 2 of that conversation (part 1 here). This week’s podcast will focus on ACS AEM Commons. As we have discussed before, ACS AEM Commons is a great resource for any Adobe Experience Manager implementation. It saves both time and money. Of course you already know that, right? RIGHT?! In this podcast, we talk about where ACS AEM Commons is going next. The big question is how they can broaden the contributor base. They want to have a greater amount of submissions and pull requests coming from the customer and implementation partner development groups working with AEM, instead of specifically from Adobe Consulting Services. If you have ideas, then feel free to reach out to David Gonzales and Justin Edelson to share them.