This Week in AEM… Multi Site Manager Cheat Sheet

Multi Site manager (MSM) is an often not well understood or well-implemented feature of Adobe Experience Manager. One of our most visited blog posts here on AEMPodcast is, written by RJ Spiker, about Multi Site Manager (MSM) and Live Copy. It’s one of our top posts because Multi Site Manager (MSM) isn’t a well understood or well-implemented feature of AEM. Which is a shame because of how incredibly useful it can be in helping an organization set up multiple websites. I think the confusion is due to the complexity of the feature as well as the lack of documentation that existed (big surprise, right?). Thankfully, Eddie Yao, from Perficient, has taken the time to put together a blog post with a “cheat sheet” for Multi Site Manager outlining some of the key features and terminology. Also contained within the post, are some links to Adobe documentation where they go into some detail.