This Week in AEM… Creating an Akamai Replication Agent

I shared a post back in March 2017 about how to integrate Adobe Experience Manager and Akamai. Joey and I even did a podcast about CDNs—in general, the following week. Regardless I recognize that you may need more help in getting your Replication Agents setup to actually delete the cache all the way out to the Akamai CDN layer. That is where this week’s article comes in. Nate Yolles wrote about this with his article: “Creating a custom Akamai replication agent in AEM”. In it, he takes the time to walk you through the process including; code snippets, screenshots, and a link to his GitHub account where you can access the code for yourself. Please keep in mind that he wrote this in 2016, so some of the terminology has changed, as well as the Products he references. After all, AEM 6.1 was the released version of AEM at that time. But it is still relevant and useful.