It’s Publish, not Publisher

This article is dumb and won’t improve your AEM development in the slightest. It’s a personal gripe. For me, it ranks right up there with people who mispronounce arthor, liberry, foilage, and nucular. I think that it’s just lazy and shows a lack of intelligence. What’s more is customers or product owners hear the incorrect name and just proliferate it around in their communication. It’s the Publish server, not Publisher. I know it’s annoying to say “Publish Server” all the time, instead of shortening to “Publisher”. Including the extra word server can get old.

To clarify…
A Publish server is part of the Adobe Experience Manager infrastructure. And from the Adobe doc page “Publish: An AEM instance that serves the published content to the public.”

A Publisher is someone who publishes content from the Author environment. It is an actual person.

Certainly we all make mistakes. After all it is an easy slip of the tongue to make. I’ve just seen too many people using the improper vernacular intentionally, where it is clearly not a mistake. If you have managed to learn how to manipulate AEM and do so many things with this incredibly complex content management system, then you can use the right terminology. I know you can. Hopefully, my little rant will help some of you break a bad habit.