This Week in AEM… New AEM Community Help Forum

On May 30 Adobe officially migrated the community from the old site ( to become part of the “unified Adobe community” on Specifically, the new AEM forum will be at:

Your previous community profiles will be ported over, along with prior conversations in the old site. Additionally, they are planning to set up redirects from the old site to the new location, in the event that you have links saved. And they appear to have things broken down by Capability. So there is a different place for Sites, Assets, Forms, and Mobile. The other nice thing is all other Adobe Experience Cloud Solutions seem to be coming here too. Having everything unified and central is a good thing, so you don’t need to go out to some other site.

Here are a few helpful links:

We spoke to Scott Macdonald (AEM community manager) at Adobe Summit about the new change. He, like a lot of others, was very excited to get this new site setup to help alleviate the problems that frequently happened. If you haven’t ever been part of the Community there or found yourself frustrated with the way the old site worked, then now is the time to get involved. Go check it out.