This Week in AEM… AEM Podcast Team Presenting for Ask the AEM Experts

[UPDATE: Here is the link to watch the recording of the presentation:]

July 25th 8 am Pacific, Joey and I will be presenting for Adobe’s Ask the AEM Community Experts (yeah, I know, technically it’s next week). The title of our presentation is: “Developing with the Dispatcher in Mind for Adobe Experience Manager”. Join us as we discuss why developers must consider the Dispatcher in all phases of their Adobe Experience Manager implementations and how to accomplish it. By joining this session, you will gain a deeper understanding of the role of the Dispatcher and how it can improve your Experience Manager projects. We have been passionate about this subject for a while and have been around to various AEM development Meetup groups around the U.S. to help share this vital information.

If you want to watch it live, then you can sign up here:

We will update this post with a link to watch it later for those that are not able to join at the actual time.