This Week in AEM… AEM 6.3 Released

On Thursday, April 28, 2017, Adobe Experience Manager 6.3, was officially released. Those of you that are looking forward to upgrading or wanting to start developing your new website using AEM can now begin. As I have written about before, there are a lot of new features in AEM 6.3 that an organization would be interested in using. And now that it is released, you can get in and start playing with them. Below is a list of useful/helpful links as you start to use AEM 6.3.

Details and some important links at
AEM 6.3 Release Notes:
AEM 6.3 Documentation:
Latest Documentation Updates:
AEM 6.3 Technical Requirements:
AEM 6.3 Demo Videos:
AEM Podcast article outlining the Top 10 features of AEM 6.3 from Adobe Summit: