This Week in AEM… Sling Models in AEM 6.3

Sling Models incredibly useful in AEM development. Anyone who doesn’t take advantage of them is effectively cutting off their own nose despite their face. As Shivani Garg points out “Sling Models has made AEM Development easier”. She has written two articles taking a “deep dive” into Sling Models, aptly named “Deep Dive on Sling Models in AEM6.3: Part-1” and “Deep Dive on Sling Models in AEM6.3: Part-2“. In these articles, Shivani breaks Sling Models down. Specifically how to use and work with them in AEM 6.3. She even has a few helpful videos where she walks you through what she is doing, within the body of the articles. Hopefully, you have already been using or at the very least are familiar with Sling Models. If you aren’t then you should make yourself familiar, right quick.