This Week in AEM… Ending?

Last year I started a new feature on AEM Podcast where I would share other AEM development content not specifically produced on It was called, ”This Week in AEM…” The idea was to help get stuff that others had made more widely known, help others know about the other great people that are producing AEM content, and to give our internal development teams info on a broader range of topics. I think it was marginally successful. It certainly helped me get exposure to a lot of great content, but in the end, it was a lot of work. And I have got some new assignments in the new year, so….

I will no longer be producing “This Week in AEM…” on a regular weekly schedule. I will continue to share good content when I come across it though. So while this isn’t dead, it’s probably going a bit dormant. Also I may also be slowing down on our regular content too. We’ll see.

Happy New Year to everyone, and thanks for reading!