This Week in AEM… Don’t Ignore Content Architecture

I feel like a broken record when talking to client sometimes. “Thanks for these designs, but what is your content going to look like?” “Can you tell me how your content will be organized?” Most of the time I get a blank stare. Understanding the content defines a lot of how we would approach the development of an AEM site. And sadly, content is often an afterthought. Jorg Hoh took the time to outline a concept that he calls “Content Architecture” and how it differs from Information Architecture in an article aptly named “Information architecture & content architecture”. He then followed it up with his article “Creating the content architecture with AEM,“ where he outlined several areas that should have proper attention given to them before development actually begins. Everyone working on AEM projects needs to understand this.

I could kiss you for these posts Jorg. To be clear, I won’t. Let’s just settle for a manly handshake, or some kind of awkward bro-hug. Either way, thank you for writing these.