This Week in AEM… AEM Mind Map

Adobe Experience Manager can frankly be too big sometimes. This can be a positive aspect while simultaneously being a bit of a hinderance for many developers. Learning all of its ins-&-outs takes time. So you get someone that knows a little about a lot of it, or you get specialized in a particular area and don’t end up knowing that certain tools or features even exist. It’s a challenge. I think everyone can learn a little about how everything is connected. Hemalatha Chockalingam has put together a “mind map” for AEM. It is designed to give you an overall view of AEM, though not necessarily a deep dive. This overall view includes the list of core components, key terminology, products that make up AEM, and the underlying technologies that make up the stack. While probably seen as a good starting point for most newcomers to AEM, it can be a good refresher for even those who have been working with it for a while. Thanks to her for putting this together.