AEM Podcast: “Show Us Your Buckmark” – AEM and UGC

The gun enthusiast community is huge, and Browning is a big part of it. As such they were keen to be able to use AEM’s User Generated Content (UGC) system for their community. But Adobe is kind of notorious for having great solutions but not documenting how to use them (It’s tough when you have so much functionality in your offerings). One part of Adobe Experience Manager where this is the case is UGC. We sat down with Adobe Certified Expert Hisham Djobo, a developer with Axis41, who worked on Browning’s “Show Us Your Buckmark” section, which utilizes UGC. Hisham had to spend a lot of time figuring out how this poorly documented part of AEM worked to accomplish the customer’s need to continue to foster Browning’s community. In this podcast we discuss: What we mean by User Generated Content, reverse replication, the problems we faced, how we solved them, and how they dealt with spam.