AEM Podcast: Stanford Health Care AEM Implementation

Axis41 has been working with the Stanford Health Care team for the last year and a half to convert its website to Adobe Experience Manager.  In this podcast, Joey Smith interviews Adobe Certified Expert and Axis41 Developer Curtis Mortensen. Curtis is currently the lead architect and lead developer working with the SHC team on the migration to and implementation of AEM 5.6.1. In this podcast, Joey and Curtis specifically discuss:

  • The scope of the project
  • Which Adobe Marketing Cloud products were chosen and why (Analytics, Search & Promote, and AEM)
  • Some of the technical challenges that the team faced
  • Which third-party systems they had to integrate with
  • And how they managed to bring all of those tools together to create a cohesive system designed to deliver a specific and unique front-end user experience.

Here is an example of a page featuring the Doctor Profile Deck that they discuss in the podcast, which brings together all of the systems and AMC products that they used:

Curtis will be covering this project in greater detail at one of the Adobe Summit 2015 breakout sessions. The focus of that session will be on the challenges that the SHC team faced in trying to create a unique and flexible system and how they used the various Adobe Marketing Cloud products to solve them.  (

Music Intro: Code Monkey by Jonathan Coulton