AEM Podcast: Stanford Health Care – Why The Adobe Marketing Cloud Was A Great Fit

During the week of Adobe Summit 2015, Joey and Peter had the opportunity to meet with two of the business stakeholders from Stanford Health Care to tell the story of how and why they made the decision to move to the Adobe Experience Manager platform. We were joined by Aditya Bhasin, Vice President of Software, and Oliver Choy, Manager of Web Applications. This podcast primarily focuses on some of the business decisions that led SHC to choose AEM for their content management platform. Also discussed were:

  • Why they used Adobe Analytics.
  • How they used Search&Promote to help users break the medical jargon barrier.
  • How they organized all of the various teams that worked on the project together.

Feel free to watch our Adobe Summit 2015 presentation here and if you want to learn more about what Axis41 can help you do with the Adobe Marketing Cloud Products, please contact us.

Peter Nash, Aditya Bhasin, Joey Smith, and Oliver Choy

AEM Podcast team with SHC Stakeholders (pictured left to right: Peter Nash, Aditya Bhasin, Joey Smith, and Oliver Choy)

Music Intro: Code Monkey by Jonathan Coulton