Adobe Summit 2015: Adobe Experience Manager Top Features

Adobe Summit 2015 afforded an opportunity to see many of the new features of Adobe Experience Manager, as well as other Adobe Marketing Cloud Products. I was specifically excited to learn more about the features of Adobe Experience Manager 6.1 Sites, and I wrote about it over here. But Adobe Experience Manager is composed of many other pieces that are often talked about separately. These include Assets, Apps, and Communities, in addition to Sites.

If you are interested in these other features then you might find these videos from Summit of interest. They are each about an hour in length, but do provide a nice source of information about what is available now, and what is coming out soon in Adobe Experience Manager 6.1.


– Sites:
– Assets:
– Apps:
– Communities:

Feel free to also check out how we helped the Stanford Health Care team with their implementation of Adobe Experience Manager, Search&Promote, and Adobe Analytics. You can watch the presentation we gave at Summit or listen to the podcast we made with the business stakeholders from SHC that told why they chose Adobe Marketing products to meet their business objectives.