Adobe Social Component Framework Recap

Hello, Stefan Hofmeister here from the Adobe Experience Manager Podcast at Axis41. On August 13 of this year, held a gem session about the Adobe Social Component Framework in Adobe Experience Manager 6.0. If any of you had the opportunity to listen in on Siddharth Palaniswami’s presentation, I’m sure you left with more knowledge than when you came. The Adobe Social Component Framework (SCF) comes loaded on AEM 6.0, but if you are still using 5.6.1 just download feature pack 1.4 and you will be set. Next let’s go over a few of my favorite points he mentioned.

New to Adobe Experience Manager 6.0 are simplified versions of components that are available right OOTB. The new reviews component combines the comments and ratings components, and there’s a new messaging component available that provides the UI for members to send private messages to other individuals within the community. Finally, there’s a new tool that allows you to prototype the customization you make on a given social component.

Siddharth talked about the AEM social component framework (SCF) and how we can make use of the community’s components. In his presentation, he went over the forum component, which is one of the OOTB components included with the SCF. But with everything that Adobe does, they have given us the option to customize practically everything—from the color to the layout to the basic mechanics of the forum component.

After a brief example of the forums, he went into a history of Adobe Social Component Framework and why it came to be. He touched on a few pain points of previous social components such as, complications setting up OOTB, customization difficulties, and poor reusability.

An exciting aspect of SCF is the server and client-side extensibility. On the server side we can now add incremental business logic to existing components and customize or even override OOTB functions. On the client side we can easily customize component UX, like in the above example of the forum component.

He also mentioned operational extensions for social components—for instance, the ability to preview the comments users post to a forum, and being able to ban users for inappropriate or negative posts. You can also set up restrictions to a local zip code, preventing anyone in that zip code from posting, or set up automatic notification emails when someone has posted something new.

He covered extensions such as voting, extensions to set up your own operational logic and mark posts as “new,” moderation controls, and much more. I’d encourage you to listen to the whole presentation at

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