An Interview About Adobe Experience Manager 6.0 With Adobe Experts

Hello, Stefan Hofmeister here from the Adobe Experience Manager Podcast at Axis41. Recently I had the opportunity to interview a couple of Adobe experts, Gabriel Walt, a Product Manager at Adobe Experience Manager, and Jayan Kandathil, a Cloud Engineer at Adobe Systems Canada.

Gabriel Walt jayan kandathil


The following was our conversation:

AEM Podcast Team: Would you recommend going back to rewrite existing components in JSTL to Sightly? What are the benefits of doing so?

Gabriel: The goal of Sightly is to improve development efficiency by optimizing the web dev to Java dev round-trip (Click here for more in-depth, Sightly information). But having to rewrite all components will only cost and bring no gain, unless these components will serve as foundation for future work, or unless the JSTL components are not fully secure against cross-site scripting.

AEM Podcast Team:  What is the easiest way of getting to design mode from the Touch UI?

Gabriel: For now, the design mode still has to be accessed through the Classic UI.

AEM Podcast Team:  What is the easiest way of getting to the scaffolding in the Touch UI?

Gabriel: There is no scaffolding yet in the Touch UI.

AEM Podcast Team:  How do you get back to the Touch UI from the previous two modes of design & scaffolding?

Gabriel: There is no nice way to transition between them.

AEM Podcast Team:  Is there a plan to add a browse option in the Touch UI path field type?

Gabriel: In the Touch UI, it is not possible, but there it is not a type, but a pathbrowser resourceType. (To see exactly what Gabriel is talking about, login and open an instance of AEM. Then click here.) For the Touch UI, this is likely going to be added in next version of AEM.

AEM Podcast Team:  The TarMK disk space issue—is there going to be a solution we can look forward to? If so, is there an ETA?

Jayan: A solution (hotfix) is available; it can be obtained from Adobe Enterprise Support/Partner Support.

AEM Podcast Team:  Are you familiar with the plugin available on package share for the CRXDE Lite Node Overlay functionality?

Gabriel: No, all I know about is the Sling Resource Merger, which is a new feature of AEM 6.0 that will allow to easily modify existing Touch UI dialogs by just specifying what should be changed, thus limiting duplication.


We would like to thank Gabriel Walt and Jayan Kandathil for their time. With the recent launch of Adobe Experience Manger 6.0, the normal support forums and general documentation aren’t yet as full as earlier versions of AEM. Some documentation is available at, as well as here on the AEM Podcast site, with our Adobe Certified Experts.

We would be happy to answer any other questions you have regarding Adobe Experience Manager 6.0. Please feel free to reach us at or follow us directly on Twitter @axis41 for more AEM 6.0 information.