Axis41 Presents at Adobe Summit 2014

I recently had the opportunity to attend Adobe Summit 2014, here in Salt Lake City. Axis41 was a Gold Sponsor, and so we were granted a breakout session to present something related to one of the Adobe Marketing Cloud products. Since we do a lot with implementing the Adobe Experience Manager platform, we decided to focus on that. Partnering with us to help frame the discussion was Mark Trenchard, the Director of Web Services from the Stanford University School of Medicine.

Our goal for the presentation was to discuss things that people should consider doing in order to have a successful implementation. We, the AEM Podcast team and Axis41, think that the fundamental consideration you should make to have a successful implementation is the author’s experience. And thanks to AEM, you have the ability to optimize the authoring experience to your organization’s needs. Below is the video of our presentation, in its entirety for you to review. Please feel free to contact us to discuss AEM and our implementation experience in more depth.