[Video] Asset Management in the Touch-Optimized UI for AEM – Part 1

Let’s take a minute to explain some differences in the new Adobe Experience Manager environment regarding assets within the Digital Asset Manager; also known as the DAM. This will be a three-part video spotlight.

Right away, you can see this is much different from the screen you are used to seeing. As mentioned in another video spotlight, Adobe wanted to make the system much friendlier for tablet and touch devices; and this new design is the result. Let’s move on to the Assets.

When we first click into the Assets, you will see folders within the section (see image below). Using the icons in the top menu, you can add new folders or upload new assets. That process is pretty straightforward, so we’ll focus on more advanced functionality. For our purposes, we will just use one of the default folders of Geometrixx data (Geometrixx Outdoors/Banners).


What comes up is called the Card View of all the assets (see image below). This view is a really handy way of seeing exactly what is there, as the thumbnail is quite large. To improve performance, the system utilizes what is known as “Infinite Scroll;” so if you end up with a lot of assets in your folder, it will only load a portion of the assets at a time. As you continue to scroll down, more assets will be loaded for you to view. Depending on the quality of connection to your server, loading can take a while. Other sites I have worked with have hundreds of assets; and you can imagine how painful it would be to scroll through all of them.


Another asset display option available to use it allows you to see more items at once. Again, your preference may vary.


In Part 2 we look at editing the properties of an asset.