[Video] Asset Management in the Touch-Optimized UI for AEM – Part 3

Welcome back to part three of our Video Spotlight about assets within the Digital Asset Manager (DAM) for the Adobe Experience Manager 5.6 (AEM) layout. In Part 2 we reviewed how to modify the properties of an asset. For this final spotlight I wanted to focus on some things that I didn’t find very useable.

Activating/Publishing Assets
One area that I don’t like is that you have no way of being able to quickly see if an asset has been properly activated or deactivated. In the Classic Interface you had an “indicator light” that showed green if it was activated, and red or gray if it was not. The new system has a way to tell if the asset is activated, or what they now call published, but you have to go directly into the asset “View Properties” screen to see it (as you can see in the image below).


One way that you activate the asset or assets is to go to the Card View of assets and click the “Enter Selection View” icon. You can then select each of the assets that you want to activate, or publish, and then click the globe icon at the top to publish. When you do, a pop-up opens to inform you that it is queued for activation. The assets stay selected, so just click the X icon to exit the selection mode.


If we wanted to do this in the List view, you just click the checkbox next to each asset you want to activate and then click the globe icon. One thing to note: don’t be confused by the Modified column, which does not have anything to do with an asset being activated or published. It displays the last time you made an edit to the properties of the asset. Originally I thought it was the activation indicator, but it is not.


No Column Sorting Capability
One of the nice things about the old layout was the ability for you to sort the columns of data for the assets. For example, you could sort alphabetically in ascending or descending order, or by published. The new AEM 5.6 touch interface doesn’t have any such control. It’s not a huge issue, but the sorting capability was nice. Again, switching over to the Classic Interface will allow you column sorting capabilities again.

Tag Bug
The last thing I found is actually a bug in an iPad environment when editing the properties of an asset. If you view the properties of an asset, and you select the Tags field, it will add the first tag in the list (Facebook/Work). I got it to add tags five consecutive times before the system finally put up the tag list for me to scroll through and select a tag. Your best option is to trick the system by typing into the field. Be aware that it still adds that initial tag. This is nothing super critical, but it’s good to be aware of.


Hopefully this was helpful for you. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us

at info@AEMPodcast.com.